EZ Wet Application:

Add a few drops of mild detergent or baby shampoo to 12 ounces of water, in a spray bottle.

Thoroughly clean the surface and wet area of decal placement. Place the decal on the wet area and adjust to desired position.

(With a wet application you can lift and reposition using the spray bottle and finger nail within 1 hour)

Blot dry and allow to set . After it sets, use a card with a paper towel over the edge to squeegee away the remaing water behind the decal.

The decal will set in a couple hours depending on temperature and conditions.

Dry Application:

Especially when applying decals to curved surfaces, like a helmet.

Although our 5 year outdoor decals are primarily designed for dry application on flat surfaces, the Smaller Decal sizes and shapes allow application on simple curves.

Make sure hands are clean and free from oils or lotions.

Clean Surface and Allow to Dry

Aplly Decal dry and work the application generally from the center using the friction of your fingers to conform the decal to the curve.

Keep lifting the edges and carefully re applying to conform to the shape.

If using added heat to work the vinyl,

Only Use Hair Dryer Heat.

Decal Removal:

Use caution removing Decals from Painted and Repainted Surfaces. Use Hairdryer heat only. Use only Plastic Razor Blades.

Application on Glass and Painted Surfaces have the Strongest Bond, while Polypropylene Plastics like Trash Cans or Smart Phone Covers are a Medium Bond.

Powder Coated Enamel Fnishes that have a Texture, like Gym Equipment or some Tool Boxes; or Walls that are Latex Painted have a  Low Bond.

A Clean Teflon Frying Pan is about the same bond as the Silicone Decal Backing Paper. Almost no Bond but Extremely Smooth Surface.